"Just because you miss someone, it doesn’t mean you should go back to them. Sometimes you have to just keep missing them until you wake up one morning and realise that you don’t anymore."
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Whoop, there it is

This. Is. It. This post is the future.


I love heroin
"The sadness will last forever."
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"If the moon smiled, she would resemble you You leave the same impression Of something beautiful, but annihilating" -#sylviaplath #dreamtattoo #cantwait #spinetattoo #poetry #literallyperfectineveryway



my eyes sting and my head is throbbing so this is what i produced

this is stunning 

thank you blossom xx



There needs to be a bar or club or something that when you walk in there’s a rack of different color wristbands with words like “I looking for-“

  • girls
  • boys
  • trans
  • anyone
  • no one
  • friends
  • etc

So that everyone would know who’s looking for who.


"Hey that girl is cute. And her wristband says she’s also looking for a girl. Sweet!”


"He’s cute, but his wristband says girls. Oh well."

you are the future

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"The (500) Days of Summer attitude of “He wants you so bad” seems attractive to some women and men, especially younger ones, but I would encourage anyone who has a crush on my character to watch it again and examine how selfish he is. He develops a mildly delusional obsession over a girl onto whom he projects all these fantasies. He thinks she’ll give his life meaning because he doesn’t care about much else going on in his life. A lot of boys and girls think their lives will have meaning if they find a partner who wants nothing else in life but them. That’s not healthy. That’s falling in love with the idea of a person, not the actual person."
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Sea world should be wiped the fuck out
"apologize to your body.
that’s where the healing begins."
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