Looking at photos from my past is like looking at whole different person. It’s just weird so much had changed in five years. I was so sure I knew who I was back then but if only I knew then what I know now. You think you’re so mature and right when your that age, but you still have so much growing to do and lessons to be learned. I wish life could be as simple as it felt back then but I don’t want to be that person again at the same time. I have learned so much and have grown into the person I want to be.

Some people are just so sloppy with leaving clue trails. I hate people who cheat on their boyfriend/girlfriends, but if you’re gonna cheat at least try to keep it a secret. Cause what you do is just so obvious it’s annoying, you just want people to find out.

Being sick with no one else help take care of a kid is the worst. I can handle him at his worst and crying none stop and getting into everything. But I was puking and so dizzy I couldn’t stand today with no help that’s when I can’t handle it on my own. I cried probably five times today when he just wouldn’t stop crying or take a nap so I never got to nap. Today has just been good awful cross my fingers tomorrow is better.


I may be obnoxious but at least I’m obnoxious in the tags

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"Becoming fearless isn’t the point. That’s impossible. It’s learning how to control your fear, and how to be free from it."
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Can I just redo Coachella this weekend please, I really just wish it would’ve never ended. And I don’t even feel like shit and I’m shocked because usually when I do a weekend like I just did that one I cannot function for the next week. But I feel like I could do that weekend about five more times. It really made me want to go to edc, but it just will not be the same.

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Had the greatest weekend of my life at coachella. Now time to cuddle with my boo for a long time, I missed him too much. 4 days and he already seems so much bigger than he was when I left.

Perfect weekend at coachella I wouldn’t want it any other way seriously this coachella has been my favorite. Such good vibes and so many beautiful people. It’s a beautiful atmosphere with the most amazing music. I just love coachella so much I will never miss a year if my life depended on it.

Coachella tomorrow!!!!!!

Zero tolerance for someone who hangs out with their friends more than their kids. There’s no excuse, for that.


Turkey, Apple and Brie Panini